Analog Synthesizer

Musical instrument made from modified kit
There is something distinctive about music produced by analog hardware. In attempt to capture this characteristic sound, I began work on creating an analog synthesizer of my own. Besides creating some small audio circuits in the past, this is my first attempt at constructing a true musical synthesizer. Having not built a synthesizer before, I decided to start with a kit. This project is designed around the Noise Toaster kit by Music from Outer Space.

Although I did not design the audio circuits on my own, the project proved to be a meaningful learning experience. While constructing the project, one of the skills I developed was the skill of troubleshooting. The circuit did not work the first time, but I was able to re-examine the schematics and fix the underlying problems. In addition, the project allowed me to apply concepts I learned from school including mesh/nodal analysis and creating high/low-pass filters.
Personal project